4 Tips To Stop Tree Roots From Penetrating Your Sewer or Main Line

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Is your sewer system safe from tree roots?

For homes with trees either on or surrounding the property, tree root infestation on plumbing lines is a common and stressful problem. Tree roots have the tendency to penetrate plumbing lines, especially in older plumbing systems, causing significant and costly repairs. Fortunately, there are things you can do to stop tree roots from penetrating your sewer or main lines in the Gresham, OR and Portland, OR areas. Before tree roots cause serious damage, there are measures you can take to protect your home’s sewer and main lines. A comprehensive sewer video inspection is encouraged before attempting any of the suggestions listed below. Keep reading for a general overview of four tactics that are effective in stopping sewer line root intrusion.

  • Mechanical Auger: Cracks in your sewer or main line are common occurrences, and typically are fine as long as tree roots do not grow out of control and collapse the pipe. Often times, tree roots will enter the cracks and begin to grow. Clearing your sewer and main line with a mechanical auger at the first sign of tree roots is effective in protecting the integrity of the sewer line. This is not a solution, however it is a relatively inexpensive way to prevent substantial damage to your sewer or main line. Regular mechanical auger cleanings may be necessary to prevent substantial damage to your home’s plumbing system.
  • Chemical Removal: Another effective method in addressing sewer line root intrusion is using copper sulfate crystals to kill off tree roots before they can grow and expa
  • Hydro Jetter: This method of clearing tree roots tends to cost a bit more than the first two options, however is extremely effectively and is usually followed by a chemical treatment. A hydro jetter is a machine that uses high pressured water to eliminate tree roots and other debris to clear pipes.
  • Manually removing tree roots: When you have troublesome tree roots, sometimes digging them up is the only way to effectively resolve the problem. Especially when clearing the roots can actually cause the pipes to collapse as they have grown so large they are essentially a part of the plumbing. This method is expensive and time consuming, however is guaranteed to resolve your problem once and for all.

Questions or Concerns About Roots?

If you are faced with sewer line root intrusion, you have options. Contact AAA Drain Cleaning for more information on how you can resolve your main line root problems quickly, and affordably. We look forward to serving you.