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Almost every home or business owner will experience a clogged garbage disposal at some point. Our highly experienced drain cleaning professionals have the expertise to clear the clog, saving you time and money. For expert garbage disposal cleaning services in a hurry, call the professional drain cleaners at AAA Drain Cleaning! We offer fast, friendly and professional clogged kitchen disposal cleaning services for those in the Gresham and Portland Oregon areas.

How Can I Tell if My Garbage Disposal Is Clogged?

There are a few ways to tell if you have a clogged garbage disposal, including:

  • Humming Noises: Usually, if you hear a humming noise after turning on your garbage disposal, there is something stuck preventing the blades from rotating.
  • Water in your kitchen sink: If you turn on the garbage disposal, and the water does not drain, that typically indicates that you have a clog.
  • Bad Smells: Clogged drains lead to a build-up in bacteria, so if you are smelling unpleasant odors near your sink, you may have a clog.
  • Leaking Pipes: Another sign of a possible clog is if there is a leak in the pipes. If you notice small puddles underneath the pipes in your kitchen, contact AAA Drain Cleaning! 

Why Is My Garbage Disposal Backing Up?

A clogged garbage disposal can occur for many reasons, but the most common culprit is the amount or type of food stuffed in the disposal. There are certain types of food that are known to clog garbage disposals, including:

  • Oil & Grease
  • Potato Peels and Vegetable Peels
  • Egg Shells
  • Coffee Grounds
  • Paper Towels & Napkins
  • Fruit Seeds

Clogged garbage disposals can lead to a number of different problems, including overflowing, tripping emergency shut-off mechanisms, and breaking the disposal mechanism itself. 

Cleaning a Clogged Garbage Disposal

If you have tried to clear out the clog using drain cleaning chemicals, but water is still backing up into your kitchen sink, it is time to contact AAA Drain Cleaning. We can quickly and effectively remove the clog without using harsh chemicals, and we will be sure to inform you of ways to prevent future clogs. 

Clogged garbage disposals are common in Gresham Oregon and Portland Oregon homes, so it is important to contact a professional drain cleaning company. 

Please Call Us for a Free Over-The-Phone estimate, and you’ll see that it not only feels good to support a local business, but it saves you money as well!


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