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AAA Drain Cleaning provides quality rain drain & downspout drain cleaning services in Vancouver WA and Portland OR

Gutters and downspouts collect rainwater and divert it away from your home to help prevent your property from flooding and keeping the area safe. However, these drains can often get clogged from sticks, tree roots, leaves, trash, and other debris so it’s important to have them regularly cleaned. AAA Drain Cleaning, LLC is proud to offer rain drain cleaning and downspout drain cleaning services in the Portland OR and Vancouver WA metro area!

Downspout Drainage System

Downspout drains play an important role in protecting your home. If you didn’t have these drainage elements, rainwater and melting snow would pour off the roof of your house. Without gutters and downspouts directing water away, water would also begin to pool which could:

  • Create mold issues
  • Flood your basement or crawlspace
  • Damage your foundation

It is important to have a professional unclog any exterior drains to avoid severe and costly damage to your home.

Unclogging Downspout Drains

Downspout drain lines often become clogged from debris or roots which prevent these drains from working properly. If you need to unclog this exterior drain, we can help. Some downspout drainage pipes are often installed underground and it may be difficult to locate a blockage. When you contact AAA, we can locate the downspout drain line, determine where it drains, and clear the blocked downspout.

Driveway Trench Drain Cleaning Services

Trench drains or channel drains are commonly installed in your driveway where it meets your garage. These rain drains help keep water from entering your garage. They are installed in a shallow trench and have a grated surface. Since these drains are level with the ground, trash and debris are often blown or swept into the drain, causing it to clog.

If your driveway trench drain is clogged, you may experience flooding, unpleasant odors, and slow draining. If this happens, contact AAA Drain Cleaning, LLC. We’ll remove the driveway trench drain grate, clear out the debris, and ensure it drains properly once again!

Experts in Rain Drain Cleaning

Clearing your outdoor drains is not an optional chore but a home maintenance necessity. Do not let your home be subjected to the damages caused by poorly functioning drains. Let AAA Drain Cleaning, LLC unclog your rain drains! Our drain cleaning technicians have over ten years of experience cleaning out blocked rain drains, and we have the expertise to complete the job quickly and effectively. Contact us for expert drain cleaning services throughout the Portland OR and Gresham OR area. We look forward to serving you!

Please Call Us for a Free Over-The-Phone Estimate, and you’ll see that it not only feels good to support a local business, but it saves you money as well!


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Rain Drain & Downspout Drain Cleaning in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

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