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Kitchen sinks and garbage disposals can easily become clogged, and these issues can impact daily life. Most clogged kitchen drains can easily be cleared out, but it is important to take care of this issue as quickly as possible. If you are experiencing a clogged kitchen sink or garbage disposal, contact AAA Drain Cleaning, LLC of Portland OR today.

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What Causes a Kitchen Drain to Become Clogged?

Clogged garbage disposals are the most common reason for clogged kitchen drains. If you turn on your garbage disposal, and the water does not drain, that indicates there is a clog. It is also important to note that your kitchen sink and dishwasher flow through the same drainage line. A clog in that shared drain pipe can also cause water to back up and overflow into your sink.

To avoid a clogged kitchen sink, avoid putting these down the drain:

  • Egg Shells
  • Coffee Grounds
  • Vegetable peels
  • Fruit Seeds
  • Grease, oils, fats
  • Paper towels and napkins

If your kitchen drains regularly get clogged or multiple drains throughout the house become clogged at the same time, then there is most likely debris deeper in your plumbing system. A clog deeper in the system needs to be taken care of by a professional. The licensed drain cleaning experts of AAA Drain Cleaning, LLC utilize the most powerful equipment to guarantee fast and complete drain cleanings, no matter the cause of the clog.

Call AAA Drain Cleaning to Unclog Your Kitchen Sink

Most clogs can quickly and easily be broken apart. If you have tried to clear out your drains, and the issue is still present, contact AAA Drain Cleaning, LLC. Our technicians can unclog your kitchen sink drain with a drain snake, not harsh chemicals that could potentially damage your pipes.

If the kitchen drains of your home are not draining properly, or if you notice an accumulation of water developing in the kitchen sink, contact the drain cleaning experts at AAA Drain Cleaning, LLC today!

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Kitchen Drain Cleaning in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

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