rain-gutter-cleaning-tips-aaa-drain-cleaning-gresham-or-portland-orRain gutters protect your home from water damage during heavy rainfall which happens year round in the Pacific Northwest. During heavy rainfall, water hits your roof and travels down your gutters and away from your home.  The gutters on your home have an important job, and that means rain gutter maintenance is a must to ensure the structure of your home is not compromised by the rain in the Gresham and Portland, OR areas.

Rain Gutter Cleaning Tips

When it comes to rain gutter maintenance, making sure they are clean is on the top of the list. Gutters and downspouts cannot effectively collect and deliver water away from your home if they are cluttered and overburdened with leaves and yard debris. Furthermore, clogged gutters can lead to many problems including rotting gutters and water damage to the structure of the home.

When preparing to clear your gutters of leaves and debris taking precautions to ensure your safety is highly recommended. See below for rain gutter cleaning tips:

  • Wait for dry weather. Do not attempt to clean your gutters in the elements, especially icy or stormy weather.
  • Always use a solid and durable ladder on level ground. When using an extension ladder, take extra precautions. If you are comfortable working on the rooftop, you can do that as well.
  • Wear gloves, safety googles and non-slip shoes.
  • Have a collection receptacle near-by for the leaves and debris.
  • For two story homes, hire a professional.
  • Clean rain gutters twice a year. If your home is surrounded by trees, you may need to clean your rain gutters more often.

Cleaning Rain Gutters

There are a few different methods for cleaning rain gutters. Some will use a leaf blower to clear out clogged gutters. Using a leaf blower to clear your gutters should always be done with protective gloves and dust mask. Another method for cleaning rain gutters is a leaf-catching gutter system however these systems are pricey and also require cleaning which can be burdensome.

To effectively clean your rain gutters, follow the directions below:

  • Remove leaves and debris by hand from rain gutters: Use a small shovel to begin removing leaves and debris from the outlet of the downspout and into a plastic bucket. Once the downspouts are cleared, use the ladder to clear the gutters attached to the roof.
  • Spray gutters down with hose: Once you have cleared your gutters of leaves and debris, use a high pressure hose nozzle to wash out the gutters to remove leftover dirt.
  • Clear downspouts: Flush your downspouts with water to ensure they are clear of debris. If your downspouts are clogged, use a plumbers snake to clean them.

Rain Gutter Cleaning Tips & Maintenance in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

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