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AAA Drain Cleaning provides clogged pool drain cleaning in Vancouver WA and Portland ORPools are a great way to add comfort and fun to your home during the summer, and most pool owners love their aquatic backyard add-ons. Pools also require some regular and annual maintenance, and unless you’ve owned one before, you might not know how easily pool drains and filters can become clogged!

How Do Pool Drains Get Clogged?

Pool drains are located at the bottom of your pool. Because most pool drains use shorter cold-water pipes, the elbows along pool pipe systems are very tight. This basically guarantees that if any object gets past your pool strainer or into your pool drain, it’s going to clog your pool plumbing! Here are some common pool drain cloggers:

  • Hair
  • Leaves
  • Dirt
  • Small objects
  • Algae

What Can Happen If a Pool Drain is Clogged?

If your pool drain gets clogged, water won’t circulate properly through the entire system. This can cause a number of complications, including improper concentration of chemicals, and improper filtration and cleaning of pool water.

If you don’t clear a pool drain clog right away, the problem is only going to get worse–and can cause problems throughout your entire system! It will also make closing down your pool for the season that much harder.

Why Hire a Professional Plumber for Pool Drain Cleaning?

The biggest issue with clogged pool drains and pipes is the location of the clog itself. Unless you know exactly where the clog is, it’s very difficult to determine the best way to get rid of the clog. DIY unclogging of a pool drain or pipe is not recommended, unless you have previous experience cleaning pools or maintaining them.

If you have a blocked pool drain, it’s time to call the professional drain cleaners at AAA Drain Cleaning! All of the high quality drain cleaning services we provide are always conducted using the best drain cleaning tools and methods. Our services are designed to be quick and efficient so you can get on with your day–and your summer! Clogged pool drains are most common at the start of the summer (while filling your pool for the first time in months), or at the end of the season (as you’re draining your pool). It’s always best to have a professional plumber’s advice and expertise when unclogging a pool drain or pipe. Contact us directly or through our website for more information!

Please Call Us for a Free Over-The-Phone Estimate, and you’ll see that it not only feels good to support a local business, but it saves you money as well!


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Pool Drain Cleaning in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

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